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Sheri from Texas

i live in texas...i purchased and used this wrap at a 3 day festival....i use other cooling wraps...they stay cool for about 2 hours...than nothing to cool my neck...with this wrap after the ice add more kepted me cool for the rest of the day...great for outdoor activities


We have been using our Greater Than Cool neck wrap for our son during breaks at soccer and football. It works so well! It fits snug and cools him down quickly. We have just been bringing a little ice with us to add to the wrap and simply put it back in a sport cooler when not being used. The product is well designed and the material used is great quality.


I love this product! Fills a need for this Floridian who is always, always hot. The fact that it uses ice cubes is a great convenience, keeps it going all day long. Used it for yardwork & housecleaning.


Neck wrap is easy to use, comfortable and effective. I also use it when I have a migraine. Works so much better and is 100% comfortable than ice packs, cold wash cloths. Stays put and does not leak. Great product!


Longer lasting & a better fit than others I have tried.

New product coming soon.

Welcome to Greater Than Cool

Our Cooling Neck Wrap is for anyone who wants to stay cool.  

Our neck wrap is designed to provide active cooling using ice which can be replenished all day. 

For example, you can use the ice from a cooler or a fountain drink to refill your neck wrap.  

Pre-soaking it first before inserting the ice will give you the coolest effect.  

Experiment with the amount that works best for you.

You may benefit from our cooling neck wrap if you:

  • Visit theme parks
  • Attend outdoor concerts
  • Attend auto races
  • Play or watch football, soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, golf, etc.
  • Work on your lawn or garden
  • Fish or hunt
  • Work in construction or roofing 
  • Work in attics
  • Are a police officer or fireman
  • Are a member of the military 
  • Are a welder
  • Are a BBQ pitmaster
  • Have hot flashes
  • Have a medical need to stay cool
  • Live near Arizona or Australia

Loading the Neck Wrap with ouchies ice packs and ice.

Using the XL Cooling Neck Wrap on my head feels great!

Testing the Cooling Neck Wrap at a bike race with >COOL.

Greater Than Cool - Wear it snug!

How to load the Cooling Neck Wrap with ice.

Greater Than Cool , it even fits a 5 year old .

90% Humidity with Greater Than Cool on a hot Florida night.

BBQ with Greater Than Cool.

Greater Than Cool in Austin, TX. 103 degrees.

Greater Than Cool Florida Swamp test.

Working on a hot Texas day with Greater Than Cool .

Texas State Fair with Greater Than Cool.

About Us

Our roots are based in hot Florida and very hot Texas, where it can be exhausting to deal with the constant heat, especially having MS.

Our neck wrap is designed to use ice for cooling. 

A user can insert ice cubes, dip it in cold water or combine to get the desired effect. It will accommodate 2x3 sealed ice packs. 

Our patented design allows for a range of neck sizes, from child to large adult.

The pockets ensure that the ice remains in place around the neck to effectively cool the body. 

The material we engineered from polyester and cotton allows for water to spread evenly as the ice melts and evaporates. It remains durable, use after use.

It only exists in our product.

The solution we needed had to be small, portable and easy to replenish to cool all day. 

We weren’t happy with any of the products we tried, so we developed the most versatile and easy to use neck wrap that we’ve ever come across. 


We had a great time at the Heart of Texas Airshow. Thanks for coming by to talk to us. Stay cool.

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